Photo 112: Project 1: Design Elements

Design elements & principles are what make a photo or image ( or any other medium) successful. In photo 112, our first project was to re-examine these principles and elements. The biggest thing I took from doing this project is how much I have improved just in the last 3 months of going to school at Spokane Falls Community College.

Point: Point can offer great spots of emphasis. A point can be in a group and have something to stand out or the subject can be by itself.

untitled (27 of 41)  untitled (6 of 41)

Points can also cause a rhythm and pattern for the viewer


Lines: There are many types of lines; organic, vertical, diagonal, & horizontal.

untitled (18 of 41) untitled (17 of 41).jpg untitled (40 of 41).jpg

Very strong lines that lead the viewer through the photo are called Leading Lines and can help determine the flow of a picture

Shape: 2-Dimensional; often implied rather than having defined shadows and highlightsuntitled (29 of 41).jpg

Form: has shape and dimension

untitled (15 of 41).jpg

Movement: action or the implication of action

untitled (8 of 41).jpg untitled (38 of 41)

Color:untitled (13 of 41)

untitled (34 of 41)

Color offer great contrast and can effect the mood of a photo.


untitled (31 of 41)

untitled (20 of 41)


untitled (28 of 41)

untitled (19 of 41)


untitled (25 of 41)


untitled (33 of 41)

Rhythm: untitled (24 of 41)

untitled (36 of 41)



untitled (2 of 41)


untitled (41 of 41)

Understanding the design elements and principles of any type of art can really help improve your work. If you viewed all of my work above you can tell I am really great at capturing: Texture, lines, emphasis, rhythm and patterns. However, I can still work on my colors, balance and proportions. I love the details and the subtle-ness of everyday life and I am for sure drawn to more subdued colors of older fixtures and organic natural lines. And since leaving in Washington, I have been oddly obsessed with Moss and green foliage. This time around I very pleased with what I have been able to improve on since I first began schooling and cannot wait to see what else I can learn!


Below are my exhibition photos:

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