Photography 121: Location Group Project 1

One of the exciting classes I get to take this quarter is Location 1. In the class, we will learn how to use lighting in different locations scenarios. The objective for the first group project was to give us an introduction into using mix lighting in our photography. I also get to work with exceptional members who are very understanding and helpful for the newbies who have no idea what they are doing.

The First Scenario: Sun

Photographer: Stephanie

Model: Cristobal

Assistants: Erica, Amanda & Cheyann

Sun_slide Group 1.jpg

Doing a ‘sun’ assignment on a day when you get hail is particularly hard. However, the sky dried and opened up for a little bit. Thankfully, before the sun came the rain and hail stopped! While we were waiting for the sun we had sat everything up as best as we could get it. We were lucky and has some space in-between clouds and got all of our metering done.  If you look at our final picture (above) you can see that the ground was wet still.  For the set up of the model, I think we were pretty successful in getting him position with the little sun we did have. We only had to move him a few inches back from when we did our ambient lighting. We moved him back reduce the power of the strobe against the power of the sun.

At first we did not understand that with sun portion we were supposed to have the power a stop and a half under what the ambient light was metering at. And at that part of the assignment I do feel that we failed at. Going over the assignment again, I know where we failed. We were trying to make the strobe light our main source of lighting instead of the sun. We did not use the strobe as a fill light, and instead set our strobe to be about a stop and a half higher than what the sun was metering at. Looking at our final photo, it definitely is not as successful as it could of been if we used the lighting correctly. Now, this could because 3/5 members had no clue what we were doing [though, now, we understand it a lot better]. However, if you consider the fact that we were able to make the strobe the main lighting instead of the sun is pretty impressive and this definitely gave us inexperienced classmates a better understanding of lighting and metering for sure.


sun amb1.60th.jpg

This was for sure a great way to experience working with a vast variety of weather and working around it (and hungry models). We had to work fast because of the inconsistent sun exposure.

Below is the outline of how we set up our set


Second Scenarios: Shade

Shade for sure was the easiest out of the 2 scenarios that we had to do. One, because we did not have to wait on the sun but when the sun did appear we had to wait it out because it would change the ambient lighting around the scene which would in turn change our meter readings once we started inserting the strobes. Shade Slide.jpg

This was actually the first setting we got to play with the single light set up. The biggest thing we had an issue with was mergers in the background with the model. This portion of the project went fairly smoothly though, I did not understand what half of the terms being spewed out meant. What I took most from this portion of the project is how important lighting in shade is and how much better it can make a photo if set up properly.

Below is our set up for the shade set



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