SFCC: Digital 126

This year I went back to school and could not be more pleased! I have finally decided to go learn about something I love. Photography! Here are some photos from my digital class this quarter that I hope you all enjoy. I have learned so much and am very grateful for the opportunity that I get to work with such amazing and talented teachers, mentors, and fellow students. **Once, I have presented my prints for film I will upload those as well.

I loved figuring out what I wanted to do as a photographer and cannot wait to see what I do moving forward. I love taking detail, almost fine art, photos. Sometimes, the closer the better. But, taking a step back does not hurt either. We got to play and experiment a lot with composition this quarter as well. Going out and taking photos of my new surroundings made me miss home, however, seeing how far I have come reminds me that I am making my family proud. I got to learn more about Lightroom ( Adobe) and A LOT more about Photoshop.

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