A Family Family Session

The great thing about photographing your family is the fact that you remember all of the changes and the growth they have had through out the years. It is amazing what only a few years can change.

I remember trying to be cool, like my older cousin, and now I am coo-ing at his youngest and playing cars with his oldest. Thank you so much JR and DR. You both are great parents and spouses and its been a pleasure watching each of you grow [whether its been for  4 years or my whole] and I cannot wait to see all that you will accomplish as a family.


I love this picture the most of them because it really does show how a relationship is. You might always love the other, you might now always want to kiss them (mostly because they are hot and sweaty). The best part about being in love is annoying your best friend friend for life!



Look at those BOYS! And look at those eyes! They both look such like their Mama, but it is undeniable the have some of their father in them. I believe they have the R’s ears.

It is funny remembering this man you see in these photos, as a teen. Where his arms were a little to long for his body and thinking he was all that. So many things have changed since we were all kids, and watching him grow into this loving father and husband the past few years have been amazing. The love he has for his family is amazing and something I am only hopeful for in the future.

I might have not known Mom, as long as I have Dad; however, she has been such a great addition to our whole family. The love she shows her boys and husband is amazing. The support she has provided for the hard times that have come along.


Congratulations, guys on the great life you have built together! I look forward to seeing your family grow as the years go by. DSC_0709 bw

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